What makes Ayurveda the most unique treatment method is the centuries worth of successfully use case – be it wounds, pains, gastrointestinal issues, or other ailments, Ayurveda offers so much knowledge and wisdom about what nature has bestowed upon us and how we can make use of this gift to live a complete, and healthy life. At Modi Yoga Retreat, we practice Ayurveda to honour the authenticity of the experience and ensure our guests get the ideal treatment most suited for their issues.


Yoga is a five-millennium old practice that is much deeper than fitness. Yoga uses meditation & postures to put the energy points in the body, known as chakras, in motion. The power harnessed from chakras can help achieve balance in the body that reduces the risk of diseases. In Rishikesh, we create holistic wellness by using ancient yogic sciences & harnessing the complete power by chakras.


The art and science of healthy living and natural cure at Modi yoga Retreat offers guests a truly perspective changing solution to diseases. What we think of as illnesses can be caused by several underlying factors and with Naturopathy, we aim to treat the cause – not the symptom.


Also known as the water cure or hydropathy, we make use of one of nature’s best gifts - water, in our treatments for pain relief and recovery. It also encompasses certain aspects of Physiotherapy which can help your body improve motor control and co-ordination.

Reiki & Sound Healing

Reiki is a well known and widely practiced Eastern healing process where the natural forces are used to bring balance and harmony to your mind and body. Consult our Reiki expert at Modi Yoga Retreat to book a session.

Therapeutic Fitness Gym

Fitness is not just a matter of looking good. One needs to adopt a complete 360 degree perspective of personal fitness and that is why our state of the art fitness Gym at Modi Yoga Retreat prioritizes overall fitness of our guests. We also have certified fitness professionals who will guide you based on your requirements and goals.


You carry your destiny with you. And in the palm of your hand lies the details that shape your entire life. There is a lot that can be unearthed from your palms and only an experienced Reader can read between the lines. Find out what the unique carvings on your palm say about you and your life, only at Modi Yoga Retreat.

Aqua Yoga

Water forms the very essence of life and when we submerge in water, our state of mind is immediately transported into a more peaceful and calming atmosphere which is unobstructed by the noises of the World. At Modi Yoga Retreat, you get to take part in a very unique Aqua Yoga experience that is bound to make your muscle and body relax.


Our in-house Zumba classes are open for all Guests and members, with age no bar. This session flows between low and high intensity of dance moves, designed to boost your cardio and your heart health with low intensity intervals, helps de stress, and aerobics etc that help to maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system. Zumba aims lots of different groups of muscles at once for total body toning.


If you have any query we can help you with, feel free to book a slot with our holistic wellness advisors or talk to Abhya, our wellness hostess available on chat. We are committed to delivering top quality care to our patrons. Any feedback will also be appreciated here.

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